The Moonshine is an absolute stunner and one of our personal favourite snake plants here at Casa Tropicana. The foliage is the most delicious shade of silvery green. Easy to care for and looks amazing. What else could you ask for?


If you’re one of those people with a history of killing houseplants (we see you) then the ‘Snake Plant' aka 'Mother-in-laws tongue' is for you. It doesn’t need much attention at all so if you forget you own it for a week or two - it will forgive you. They’re pretty indestructible – so totally safe for the ‘plant assassins’ amongst you. They are also one of the best plants for removing harmful toxins from the air. Winner winner. Light: While it tolerates low light, snake plants will grow fastest in bright conditions. Humidity: This plant thrives on neglect – humidity isn’t something to worry about. Water: Take care not to overwater. We water ours every 2 weeks or when the soil is totally dry. Pot Size: 12cm Height: 35cm Plant pot shown in photo not included. Toxic if ingested.

Snake Plant / Moonshine (Sansevieria)

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